Dealing with Policy Officers – you know them as Police Officers

As a group, “Peace Officers” do not exist in the DEMOCRACY; only POLICY ENFORCERS do. A peace officer only exists in the Republic. The word ‘peace’ should be your first clue in comparison to the militarized thugs we have today.

You must choose your battles/confrontations wisely. Sometimes, even the calmest of approaches will not quell the blinding rage of POLICY ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS. This I have experienced. Sometimes those dudes/chicas have already had a bad day and your calm can further piss them off. But people and their experiences and emotions can never be 100% predictable, which makes life a bit interesting at times.

I’ve had success with a number of different approaches, one of my faves is to immediately begin the Contract before the COP has the chance.

“What is the Emergency and how can I help?”

Usually get back a confused “Excuse me?” or a simple confess-and-avoid leading to: “License and registration…”

I repeated: “What is the Emergency and how can I help?”

Regardless of whether he answers, I’d qualify like this:

“Is that your patrol vehicle?”
“Aren’t those ’emergency beacons/flashers/lights’ atop your patrol vehicle?”
“Didn’t you activate/turn on those lights?”

I’ve had it go a couple different directions here and I’ll share one:

COP: “Reason I pulled you over is that your inspection sticker is the wrong color.”
Me: “If an emergency is signaled by beacons where none exists, isn’t that a FEDERAL CRIME?”

Me: “Haven’t people been injured because they rushed to move for an emergency vehicle that signaled a false emergency?”

“Sir, I don’t wish to take you into Federal Court and charge you with an offense that may cost you your livelihood and occupation. Maybe I need to speak to your Sergeant/Shift Supervisor to avoid any more incurred liability on your part.”

COP: “You some kind of lawyer?”
Me: “Would that give my words a bit more GRAVITY for you, sir? And who is the name of your current Shift Supervisor?”

Cop makes to walk toward his cruiser when I ask: “Am I free to go or am I being detained without a declared emergency?”

He quickly got into his car and drove away like he was on mission to save Earth.

Am I saying to replicate this action? No. Hell no. Much of how I’ve handled highway-stops is just to be chill and confident. I pretend I’m dealing with my neighbors recalcitrant children. Yes, they are little tyrants and hellions, but I mean them no harm. I can beat up a little kid, sure, but that’s just WRONG. I can speak some words to them and ask them to go and get their daddy so I can have an adult conversation and get things straightened out.

I can verbally inform them of what consequences they may face if they continue their behavior, making them fear what their daddy would do to them if I report them, so to speak.

The point I’m getting at is that with children and cops you must be very sweet yet unwavering and CONFIDENT. You KNOW you’re the adult when you’re dealing with a child and you have that confidence. Once you KNOW you’re an adult-Creditor when you’re dealing with a bureaucrat, the confidence will simply BE THERE.

Confidence of the quiet-cool nature puts more trepidation into the minds of bureaucrats than any ranting raving threatening slobbering patriot redneck. I say redneck because they abound where I am.

Well before I was aware of Admiralty, I defended my STRAWMAN in court thinking it was I they were trying. And I did better than most with a 75% success record (mostly traffic incidents and minor things).

I once verbally wrangled an NC State Trooper on the stand for the better part of 20 minutes, and although I was anxious, seeing him sweat and stutter and give ‘No I am not qualified’ and ‘I have no idea’ and ‘I don’t know what that statute says or if I’m liable for it.’ testimony, plus seeing the DA’s face wrinkle and pinch, got me confident. So you’re not the only one being nervous on the spot. So relax…we’re all human…allegedly.

I lost that particular “argument” but I got a huge boost from the Judge who held me back while the other ‘Actors’ went their separate ways. He told me I had the right mindset and tenacity and attention to detail, but that I was missing crucial elements of foundational procedure.

I also had the Assistant DA approach me later and ask me which law school I attended, to which I almost threw up in my mouth, but thanked him for his sidelong attempt at “giving props”.

Is praise from an Esquire noteworthy? I don’t know, I just know that they are actors in a Play and I didn’t read the Play, I didn’t know my stage-Presence and Proper Lines that day. That judge gave me a huge swell in confidence which has assisted me ever since in dealing with cops, attorneys, any and every bureaucrat that think they have power and hold sway over me.

Judges and Clerks aka the higher-level bureaucrats are the most polite yet also they are the craftiest. And that’s OK. I like crafty. It’s a challenge. It’s psychological, mostly. It’s a Head Game.

And one thing higher-level bureaucrats do well is ASSESS YOUR ASS. They are very good behaviorists. They know fake confidence over the real thing. You go in with the real thing, they sit and take notice if for nothing else, to return your politeness. This has been my experience alone.

Remember to speak to POLICE OFFICERS with the right Humor, the right Humility, the proper tonality as you would your neighbors wayward children, and like children they’ll grow up to respect you and not harass you. When that happens you get to see the magical transformation of SWAT thug into a true and genuine Peace Officer.