In 1800 the world was bankrupt; the debts went onto the people; all natural resources went to the people; Always ask for a paper bill because you get a Giro credit slip at the bottom of the bill of exchange;
Bill of Exchange Act 1882: the company has been paid by the commercial bank
1. I cash the cheque
2. Banks don’t recognise it as my cheque
3. Give cheque back
Not transferable; 3 postage stamps autographed transferred by endorsement sticker.
To british Gas for payment at the sight for the sum of £… transferred by Samantha James; address; postcode; National Insurance Number; Non commercial.
They have already been paid they cant cash it because they would be double dipping BOE ACT 1882
Consumer credit act 1974 section 123 (1)A creditor or owner shall not take a negotiable instrument, other than a bank note or cheque, in discharge of any sum payable—
(a)by the debtor or hirer under a regulated agreement, or
(b)by any person as surety in relation to the agreement.
(2)The creditor or owner shall not negotiate a cheque taken by him in discharge of a sum payable as mentioned in subsection (1) except to a banker (within the meaning of the M1Bills of Exchange Act 1882).
(3)The creditor or owner shall not take a negotiable instrument as security for the discharge of any sum payable as mentioned in subsection (1).
(4)A person takes a negotiable instrument as security for the discharge of a sum if the sum is intended to be paid in some other way, and the negotiable instrument is to be presented for payment only if the sum is not paid in that way.
(5)This section does not apply where the regulated agreement is a non-commercial agreement.
(6)The Secretary of State may by order provide that this section shall not apply where the regulated agreement has a connection with a country outside the United Kingdom.
Billed them 6k for court appearances harm alarm and distress £100 a day stress and anxiety BOE= legal remedy court appointment as this is NOT a health and safety issue
They are applying for a criminal warrant of entry for a civil matter; they are in the wrong jurisdiction
The 1954 Gas Act is for health and safety issues whereas this is a money issue thus being in the wrong jurisdiction.
My obligation to pay has been fulfilled
Are you legally trained? Y N
I am going to put you in the dock as i have a right to cross examine my accuser.
Write to them to come and check the meter
Remove all implied rights of access (Send 1st Class)
Bill of exchange Act 1882
Stamp Act put a stamp on the back under the consumer credit Act 1974 section 123 “This agreement does not apply when the regulated agreement is NON-COMMERCIAL
Rights of entry under the Gas & Electricity Act 1954 (what they use for warrant) they take you to the magistrates court for a criminal warrant; when the agent tells on the stand No its for money!!
They want to put a prepayment meter in to hold you ransom for something you are not LIABLE to pay!!!
There committing fraud if they issue a warrant””
They can not get a criminal warrant for a money dispute.
Gas Act 1986 is another health & safety issue.
Fraud Act 2006
Contempt of court (Lord Diplock) we have unhindered access to the court.
No One can make a claim without proving the case.
We are being robbed blind through our own ignorance!!! Know your rights!!!
The UK in its current bankrupt state, I say current it was Bankrupt in 1869, evidenced by the “Bankruptcy Act of 1869” “Debtors Act 1869” we are in fact in the equivalent to a (Chapter 11) Bankruptcy which is “Debtors in Possession”.
The Bankruptcy Act is not the only evidence of the bankruptcy but there is also the Amendment to the “Gold Standards Act 1925” “Finance Act 1938” better known as Bill 227 or 277 if “Hansards” have it correct which dissolved the connection to Gold in our currency as the bill was finally passed on the 21 of September 1931, hence why we now operate “Fiat Currency” which is backed by the tax or labour of the citizens, furthermore to back up the Bankruptcy claim is “double entry bookkeeping” which is just a claim and counter claim balancing exercise.
Whatever you chose to research we ARE in full bankruptcy, and so in bankruptcy the agreement is that all debt is to be forgiven, after all how do you pay anything if you are bankrupt?
Not to forgive debts is in full violation and dishonour of the bankruptcy we are currently in, and in this bankruptcy we operate a prepay account, this was done because you are “involuntary” in your bankruptcy status, we were not around in “1869” so we were born in to this position through no fault of our own
Bearing all of this in mind, the only way to deal with this matter is to give you a means to live other than using your sweat equity (“cash albeit fiat”, that was earned using something tangible “your sweat”)
A commercial system such as this cannot deal in tangible equity, and so your prepay account was created, this is your “National Insurance Number” cleverly disguised as a means for them to charge us for nothing!!. It is in fact your means of paying for more or less everything that you need in your life.
The legal appellation granted you at your registration, this is a legal entity, a fiction if you like! you understand that all of this commerce is total rubbish “truly” so in order for you to traverse the high seas of commerce, you had to be equipped with a vessel that was sea worthy enough to do it, it is here that your Birth Certificate comes in, when you are called into court, it is your “Birth Certificate” that is summoned really, as you as a human cannot operate in commerce so you must use your vessel!
So bearing in mind that we now understand that commerce is merely “Rubbish” a world of illusion, then it stands to reason that the legal entity must also be of the same making to traverse these murky waters, but what has happened is the system somewhere started to flip the “trust”, instead of you using this vessel to do your bidding and to that end it would benefit you, what has happened is that you are held as “surety” so when your legal appellation is whacked with a penalty, you are held as guarantor and it is you who suffers the punishment with your sweat equity of actual physical body?!
Jurisdiction is established in a number of dubious ways, the insipid tiers of commercial law need certain details to establish “Joinder” these details that you give thinking they are yours are simply your agreement to play as, and be punished as, the legal fiction!
Ok after that little bit of background, Accepted For Value is merely your choosing to use your prepay account to settle and close “Proposed Liability Statements” this is done when a bill/proposed liability statement is sent to you addressed to your legal appellation by using either all caps or the “legal Title” Mr,Mrs,Miss,Mz etc etc… as soon as you accept these you are in contract!
So to correctly pay these Bills/Statements that are all illusion you need to pay with a type of funding solution from the said same system, you cannot pay with tangible equity, it has to be paid with the illusion that bore forth the bill in the first place. request a paper or true bill and till be in the form of a giro then wright on it
Accepted For Value
Exempt From Levy
Sovereign Tittle
Deposit to
Her Majesty’s Treasury
This is good enough to settle the debt but this is a negotiable instrument! if you further add the words,
And Charge the Same To
the capitis diminutio title
Exemption Id but just the national insurance number,
you have just negotiated it so as you receive the same.
whichever you choose you have to endorse it!
The exemption id is you NI number write this in red and your signature (which allocates the funds from your prepay account to settle this bill) except the capitis diminutio of sovereign title and date.
This must be done at 45 degrees across the bill (Banker Style) usually lower side to the left and the upper side to the right, this affects the payment.
Ok I said that this is 100% correct, and it is, if you intend on trying this you must have a working knowledge and understand what you are doing, and worst case scenario be prepared to back yourself up in court.
My experience has been that some honour it, some are totally confused and proceed to court out of ignorance (not a problem) and some just wish to keep “double dipping” (using your exemption to pay the proposed liability whilst hoovering up your sweat equity or cash if you like, which is fraud and stealing) OH come on you don’t think that the council that lost cash in the Iceland bank got the £50 million any other way do you? Where was the interest going? It was in fact the money issued by the treasury to cover it constituents debts! £120,000 to £180,000 a year is given to each council per man/woman and child to cover their liabilities.
If the bill is returned then send it back again with a letter letting them know they are in dishonour and this is their last chance to settle and zero the account and if they still send it back send it with the two replies and your covering letter to the treasury direct!