originally posted as a comment under the ZH article here


…the coming collapse will be most like a tsunami. At first, people will think the beach is expanding, offering them a new and larger play area than they’ve ever seen before. Finding the space irresistable they will venture out to stay close to the “water.” They’ll look on toward the deep blue and notice waves..also something they are normally attracted to. How pretty, what a great surfing opportunity. until……until one guy yell’s “tsunami” and starts sprinting away from the water’s edge tightly carrying his 18 month old son and leaving his wife to play catch-up. At first, we look at the runner and ask “what did he say?” We wonder if perhaps his son was stung by a jellyfish. Then, we see a few others start running also. We wonder if perhaps they are all family, but their skin colors tell us differently. Then, we hear the deep distant roar of the wave. A sound like we’ve never heard coming from the ocean. That’s when it hits us…we too should have never ventured out on this sand. And it’s all too late. Those who weren’t even on the sand thought they were safe, because water has NEVER risen to a certain level…so they don’t run, and it’s soon too late for them also. At the end of the day we’ll scratch our heads wondering how we could have possibly been this overwhelmed with volume. And like our low volume financials markets today one day completely overwhelmed when some whale pushes the ‘sell everything’ button…and there’s no place to hide. Everyone within 1000 meters of the shore is taken out. For a while, we’ll cling to the hope that .gov will make everything better again and build us an even better home than before. It will take time to sink in, that .gov is broke now, and I’m no ‘doomsday prepper’. We’ll just be broke. So you thought you had $247,483 in your 401k…now its $32,432. get used to it, and move on.