Article 61

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Good evening rebels…

This is a very (not so) brief explanation of why the remedy we use works.

Thanks to the committee of the barons for invoking article 61 of Magna Carta 1215, we have a lawful, peaceful remedy to tackle the injustices of the state in a peaceful manner, we don’t take to the streets.

We Only deal with evidential facts and nothing more and, ONLY use British constitutional tenets in our arguments.

This is because anyone who opposing our standing will also be opposing the British Constitution which is tantamount to TREASON AT COMMON LAW. By the way…Blair did NOT legally repeal the 1795 treasonable and seditious practices Act when he brought in the Crime and disorder Act in 1998 like the (imposter) government says.

Of course, naturally you will need to check that constitutional law (common law) is a higher jurisdiction in the realm than the corporate rules being flung about by imposters and crooks within the to be confident with the law.

Please don’t just believe what we state, check it all out for yourselves but remember, the internet is awash with disinformation, just search for British constitution and see how many posts say that Britain doesn’t have one.

The argument they use is almost laughable, they say that we don’t have a written,codified constitution like the USA (who incidentally took their constitution from ours). When evidently we DO have a written constitution that is not codified because it was created by the people over hundreds of years through revolutions and tyrannical regimes before this one.

The law IS OF THE PEOPLE…which is why we are policed by consent in Britain. We all surely consent to the constitution as it protects the people and ensures justice is seen to be done. Unlike today in their corporate arenas, where deception and unaware peoples is a profitable practice indeed..

So…to the point. The regime works on presumption, they presume that you consent (and indeed you do if you comply with a summons of your own free will, or ignore their notices and letters). They presume that you are the corporate body and that you understand legalese and stand under their presumed (illegal) authority.

We remove all presumptions and provide evidence of article 61’s invocation (Daily Telegraph report) plus other evidence (which can be seen in some of the processes we have succeeded with, in the files). We state that we do not consent as the law FORBIDS us to do so at this time. We conditionally accept all demands on proof that they have the authority to make those demands since article 61’s invocation. The crown has NO authority whatsoever so neither do the so called courts, policy enforcers, councils etc.

Article 61 is a royal command, it is commanded that we distress the crown and the illegal regime by seizing castles, land etc, we all have LAWFUL: EXCUSE to do this and distress the regime in any way we see fit peacefully though, whilst also enjoying the freedom that ‘duress of circumstances’ provides us. Under duress you can comply with the regime if you rely on a car or whatever for example do not de-register the car or tax on it….you are also entitled to all your entitlements, it would be theft and coercion to aid and abet a treasonous regime to deny you them.

So…we go after every individual as a man/woman who makes any demands on us. We must compel them to stand under article 61 too by law…everyone has the duty to do that whilst in lawful rebellion….this is apart of its strategy…..only a united people can defeat treason from within. Unify under the common law which is common sense and just, is all we need to do.

Honour is very important in law so we must always provide an opportunity to cure (to make good, if they ignore the conditional acceptance notice)..

By putting someone on Notice of an evidentai fact (treason – article 61) whilst serving the notice by recorded post and retaining a copy and postal receipt, once delivered and signed for it is deemed to have been accepted under the law, therefore if they ignore it they will have tacitly agreed to it. If they reply and do not refer to your claims, then they agree by lack of substance (documented evidence of article 61 not being in effect today) or, they may denounce the constitution which is the crime of sedition if done publicly.

So..we are creating a case file for our defence and educating the unawares also. We conditionally accept a hearing if summonsed but ONLY in a ‘properly convened court de jure’…(court with a jury standing under common law) – (constitutional law). There are NO courts of law in Britain today as they all derive their presumed authority from the crown, which is not in any position of authority since article 61 was invoked, and are all corporate which is not a SERVICE. Britain is supposed to be a system of service to the sovereign people, we are all sovereign because we are all equal. Even the monarch is in service to the people by Oath and contract (Coronation Oath)…

This is a check mate move as we find that nobody will commit high treason against us. Once we serve the misprision of treason Notice on them they cannot deny knowing of the crime, which we all have a duty to report to a justice of the peace. If they do not report the crime of treason then they are guilty of misprision of treason (to know of an act of treason being planned ot committed and not to report the crime then you are also guilty of the crime). I attempted to report treason back in 2010 in Devizes Wiltshire.

TREASON….to hand over the authority of a nation without the expressed consent of the people, or without first being beaten in open battle.

The reason why article 61 was invoked was because QE2 ratified the treasonous treaty of Nice (France)…and NO we are not out of the EU and we cannot escape it by using article 50 of the treasonous Lisbon treaty. That would be granting the illegal imposters in Westminster authority and the EU legislation too, which has no authority over the British nor commonwealth nations.

Finally….the entire English speaking commonwealth nations ALL have a duty to stand under article 61. When we unite we will not only change Britain and the commonwealth back to a just system of service but you can be sure it would go global also. We will be able to bring the untouchable (like BLAIR) to justice as well as the banksters etc and have a constitutional convention of the people to bring the constitution up to scratch.

I hope this provides a little more comprehension to this remedy we use.