Parliamentary Sovereignty

Although it has been said before….. we did not vote to return sovereignty to the British parliament. We voted to leave the EU. Nothing more.

The sovereignty of the British people is not as clear-cut as the government’s opposition would have us think.

It is the CROWN IN PARLIAMENT that is sovereign in the United Kingdom. The CROWN can refuse to give assent to any law just as it can dissolve ANY parliament.

There is no clarity over the role of referendums but it is clear that the CROWN has a relationship with and responsibility to THE PEOPLE of the UK that is above and beyond that of parliament.

Whereas a President or MP is LENT our vote for a limited period. The Crown’s responsibility to the people is PERMANENT, timeless, and anointed by God.

The rebels in the Tory party would do well to remember what they are up against and must not overestimate their own position to undermine the will of people to take back the UK’s sovereignty IN FULL from Brussels.