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Article 61

December 15, 2016 anubis 0

Originally posted here Good evening rebels… This is a very (not so) brief explanation of why the remedy we use works. Thanks to the committee […]

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Clean Brexit

December 12, 2016 anubis 0

Clean Brexit is the practical and democratic way forward Liam Halligan 10 December 2016 • 7:55pm There’s a strong case for the Government to make […]

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Jury Nullification

October 1, 2016 anubis 0

Very elegantly put, although very amusing since CO2 emissions are not responsible for damaging the planet. Members of the jury. I’m going to try to […]

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Taxation is Theft

September 10, 2016 anubis 0

The income tax is theft because it redistributes money from some people to others. It assumes that the government owns your labor and the product […]

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The Law

July 16, 2016 anubis 0

Can’t remember where I got this but reading through it again, it deserves to be posted. WOE UNTO YOU, LAWYERS ! CHAPTER I MODERN MEDICINE-MEN […]

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July 13, 2016 anubis 0

ACCEPTANCE FOR VALUE! DAVID RUSSELL·TUESDAY, 22 DECEMBER 2015 In 1800 the world was bankrupt; the debts went onto the people; all natural resources went to […]

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Vote Leave

June 16, 2016 anubis 0

I’ve already voted to Leave. These are the factors that I think are significant and form the reason for my vote. 1. The Euro. The […]

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Court Procedure

May 28, 2016 anubis 0

VERONICA’S MESSAGE: From Ray: Here is a trick I have learned over the years that REALLY spoils the Maggot’s day … in CT matters. Under […]