The “state” is a corporation, the government is its board and their purpose is to manage the company for the mutual benefit of the shareholders.

Who are the shareholders ? “We the people” of course. The mutual benefit of the shareholders used to be defined as “the common wealth”.

Basic law, the common law, formerly secured the rights of the individuals who make up “we the people” but is now being supplanted by statute.

But the trouble is that the politicians have lost the plot. They now put their own interests first. And they put the interests of the state as corporation ahead of the interests of the people.

It is the service of the interests of the people which is the SOLE source of their authority. It is the sole reason for their claim to any right to bind us with their statute.

A few points.

  • Common law is the law of the land and statute cannot make lawful something which is not lawful, nor make unlawful something which is lawful.
  • Reality is theoretically potentially infinite (anything can happen), and yet statute defines specific finite application.
  • Reason is the highest source of authority for it allows men to know the truth. “And the truth shall set you free.”
  • Case made law is founded in reason and is more robust since it has stood the test of time. It has demonstrated its evolutionary fitness.
  • Statute is fragile since it is untested by time. Positive statute is the attempt by the state to own the behaviour of the adherents of statute law.
  • The situation that exists is the result of all the law that legislatures have passed, since all persons and corporations have to abide by statute, corporations being the product of legislative reality rather than common law.
  • The politicians are responsible for everything. They legislate everything, so the fact that everything is rubbish is the product of the laws they have enacted.
  • The politicians have legislated the world into a highly fragile condition, and it will break. We are seeing it break now.

Unless the politicians recognize their error and set about managing the decline, the next war will be “we the people” against politicians.